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Our organization supports teachers and our Veterans, and we need your help. 

When we think of our teachers there's only one thing that comes to mind,  there's no one that we've come in contact with,  that haven't been through and by a teacher. 

Veterans keep us safe on a day to day basics,  we couldn't do all the things we do daily,  without our Veterans keeping us safe and free. 

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Donate your slightly used laptops and desktops to our low income technology program assisting Veterans, Students, and Families on any type Gov. assistance

Whether you’re looking for help with a specific project or need to setup an ongoing disposal program, we can help. Our asset disposal specialists can design a safe, secure, and economical solution regardless of the location, site restrictions or equipment composition.

You can contact us by email and a representative will be in touch to provide a free disposal assessment.

(562) 888-2395

Supporting Teachers

It's time we recongnize each and everyone of us have been impacted by a teacher, but there paid a wage that is below a level that enables them to live the life of other fields thats not nearly as impacting as a teacher on soceity. Most times teachers raise Childern when Parents are just not there for their nor able to be for their Childern.

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